New House

Since we got back we have been busy moving into our new house. This house has been ours for years but we finally finished it and moved in. We had the intention of moving in it since we left Switzerland but various reasons it took us a year so to finish it. While we were gone, everything was set up and ready for us to move in.

When we got back, we stayed one night in the old place and the next day we were moved in. It’s been so great to have SPACE. This is the biggest apartment we’ve ever lived in. Living in Europe usually means dealing with a small living space but this apartment is a normal Americn sized home. Our kids love it. They have place to play, there own boardrooms, a huge balcony with their pool, swing, slide and area to ride their cars around.

I finally have a kitchen I that I love. I have room to cook, room to store food (we have a pantry!), TWO bathrooms, a spare bedroom. So needless to say, we’ve been spending most of our times at home lately.

Now if only my kids would sleep past 6:30…what’s going on?

Back in Italy

We made it back, for better or for worse. The flight was actaully fine, the kids slept a good portion of it and I watched movies (I should have slept I know, but I rarely get time to watch a movie!). By the time we landed, I probably slept a total of 45 minutes and the kids were wide awake.  An hour later or so, I realized I was missing my wallet, I had left on the plane. We did get it back but when I checked inside it, it was missing all my cash and drivers license.

This obviously put a really sour note on the end of our trip. We still had over 8 hours to wait for our very short flight to Naples. I was obviously upset and exhausted, so Umberto drove to Rome to pick us up. I had to retrieve our luggage from another terminal which was a bit of a hassle but it was so nice to leave early and we were home well before our flight would have departed!

We spent the first evening at home, unpacking a little and letting the kids run around and play. The first two nights they woke up during the night but by Friday evening they slept all night again. The next day was the first day of officially moving in our place.

We spent the entire day cleaning, unpacking, and organizing our new house. Friday was spent at IKEA buying things we need for the house. I LOVE big IKEA trips. This is the first time we’ve owned our house and the first time we’v actually had a home with space. It’s not big by American standards but European standards it is and we are so thankful to have a place for a kids to play and finally a place to call “home”.

Pictures will come soon!


Back to Italy

We’re leaving in a few short hours on our flight “home”. It was a great trip and went by so quick, don’t they always? I’m so sad for Felicity, she loves being with her grandma and it’s going to be horrible when we have to say good bye at the airport. We had such a great time and I’m so thankful the kids got to experience so much but as always, it’s time to go home. I’m looking forward to moving into our new place, getting back in our routine, going back to work, etc. Creature of routine here!

Wish us luck!

Cake and pool party

We had a going away/87th birthday party for my Grandma today. A good childhood friend came with her nephew so Felicity would have someone else to play with in the pool. It was nice to chat with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Felicity had a Frozen cake, just because. She loved it and was so excited for the cake with Anna and Elsa on top.

After cake and the pool the kids played inside all afternoon and were worn out by the end of the afternoon. It was so nice to just stay in one spot and relax while the kids play with other kids. My niece stayed fairly late into the evening and we watched old episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress” together.

Last night I got out of my routine comfort zone and wine for dinner and ice cream with high school friends. I was nervous about leaving Raffi because he doesn’t go to bed easily for others. I made it home around 11 and was happy to see both were sound asleep.

Tomorrow is our last day! We’re off to brunch, the Magic House and dinner with my godparents before heading out fairly early Tuesday morning.

What we’ve been up to

We are done to the last few days here in the US. It’s gone by fast and it’s been great but I am happy to get home and to our routine. I am such a creature of routine and schedule, the teacher in me?

We had a great little schedule going the last couple days at home, similar to one we have back in Naples when I am home. Short morning activity, lunch, nap/quiet time and then another afternoon activity out. We’ve been hitting up the splash pads which has been so much fun. It’s a much safer way for my kids to enjoy the water.

I am going out to dinner tonight with old friends, without the kids! Why do I always get anxious about leaving my kids? See, creature of routine. I just want it to be the same evening. I’ll have fun once I get out.

Have a good Saturday!

Back in Illinois

I am honestly happy to be in Illinois for the last week of our trip in the States. The road trip to the beach was a little rough. Raffi does not do well with change and I could clearly see that with all the changes we had that week. When there’s a change of environment, he gets more attached to me than normal (if its possible!) and whines/cries a lot more. It was a lot for  me to take and I felt horrible for not giving Felicity enough attention. Luckily my mom was there to help, but I still missed my little girl.

This morning we ran some errands and then went to park before it got too hot. After 30 minutes or so we couldn’t take the heat anymore and went “home”. I made us lunch (macaroni and cheese for the littles, salad for me) before putting Raffi down for his nap. Once he was sleeping and Felicity was busy playing with her doll house, I made prepped dinner. After Raffi woke up we went to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. I need to remember to bring in the stroller next time to strap Raffi in while I’m trying to pack up everything. Chasing him around the pool area is exhausting and dangerous.

The last day

Today was officially the last day of our road trip. We got off to a bad start when my mom woke up feeling awful enough to want to go the urgicare.

We found one close by and arrived when they open and my mom got seen fairly quickly. She has strep throat and bronchitis. She had a breathing treatment because of her asthma. We had booked a hotel in Chattanooga and she was insistent that we go.

I drove the nearly 6 hours to Chattanooga from my brother’s place. The kids had reached their limit when we arrived so I am happy we booked the hotel. I quickly took them to the amazing Tennessee Aquarium for the rest of the afternoon. Seriously it is well worth the money! It is so well done and my kids loved it. We had such a great time there.

After the aquarium we went walked over to Puckett’s BBQ and it was so good! I had the brisket sandwich which ended up being a lot of burnt ends, which I love so no complaints. We also split an appetiser of fried green tomatoes, that Raffi ended up loving.

After dinner we ended our trip with some ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.