Silver Lining

I always want to find the silver lining in every situation, to find the bright side of something. Some days I really miss Switzerland. I don’t miss the US, I don’t really remember life there but I miss Switzerland. I miss the beauty of the country, I miss how clean everything was, how everything worked, how well we were paid.

Italy has its advantages but I still find that I feel like an outsider here. I look different, I’m blonde, tall and fair skinned. My kids are the same, we stick out like a sore thumb. My mentality is different, many people my age and older are mentally stuck 30 years ago. Though, many younger people are much more open and different, I hope this brings change to Italy.

Italy can also be dirty and organized. There’s trash on the street, wild dogs who roam the streets, and many playgrounds are in a state of disrepair.

But the silver lining? The people are friendly, even if their mentality is old. The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is much better than in Switzerland and we truelly eat in season. My town is clean, the city does a great job of picking up trash, I hope that every city in the area can take it as an example. As for work, I honestly find many more jobs here than in Switzerland, there is an never ending demand for an English teacher, especially one who is a native speaker. To me this also shows that Italians are interested in doing more in the future by investing the time (and money) in English.

I don’t think I will ever stop missing Switzerland, but instead to dwell on the negatives, I am going to try my best to focus on the positives.

I will leave you with a photo of the biggest advantage here, the Amalfi Coast (with Felicity splashing around in the water).

Welcome Back

I’ve had many blogs. Most I haven’t kept up with, I forget about them then want a fresh start with a new shiny blog. So here we are again, a fresh start. Where should I go with this blog? I hope to use it as an outlet for my thoughts and and ramblings but also to share my daily life as an expat, a mom, a teacher, my passion for running and cooking.

Welcome and I hope you come back.

Home for now with Mt. Vesuvius looming in the background:

Late nights or early mornings?

My kids don’t go to bed early. Normal bedtime is between 9-10pm. Sometimes later on the weekends. They do sleep in later, for now they can because they don’t have required to school to go to. When they get older we’ll have to change their habits I suppose or maybe they’ll need less sleep?

I do like the later bedtimes, it’s fine for our schedules and we aren’t waking up early. We wake up around 830/9 on the weekends and during the week around 730 or 8. What time do your kids go to bed and wake up? How does it work for you?


Musings…thoughts… why do people talk into Instagram? I don’t understand the need to make “stories”. I don’t think I will want to talk into Instagram to make a story. I will forever love blogs.

Other musings… I’m starting to wonder if I am really turning into a homebody. I take the kids to school then come home to work, clean and cook and really have no desire to go anywhere. It’s the same in the evenings and my days off, I’d always rather be at home. This is a complete 360 to my previous life, which was go-go-go. Getting older?

My cleaning lady quit because she found a more permanent job, which in the end is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been wanting to have her stop coming because I have the time to clean and it’s a waste of money but I just didn’t know how to end it. So now I’ve set up a cleaning schedule for the week to tackle the cleaning. Everyday a different room or surface. If only I could manage a laundry schedule!

Have a great Thursday!

A 4th birthday, Carnevale and cleaning up our diet


Felicity celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday with a unicorn party. She had been looking forward to the party for months. We reserved an event hall that had bouncy houses and entertainers to keep the kids busy. The event hall prepared all the food and decorations so all we had to do was show up with the cake. When we left she asked when her birthday “2” was going to happen.

The rest of the weekend we celebrated the Italian holiday of Carnveale. Children dress up in costumes and parade around town throwing confetti. Raffi refused to put on a costume but Felicity dressed as Elsa. On Tuesday we celebrated Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday) at my sister-in-law’s with the traditional lunch of lasagne and desserts.

Following Fat Tuesday, Umberto and I decided to clean up our diets. We both feel like we’ve been indulging a little too much. Ash Wednesday and Lent are the traditional Catholic period of dieting so there is no better time to start. We’re going to cut down on pasta, bread, carbs and red meat.

Have a great Wednesday!

A moment

I am sitting in the IKEA cafe while Raffi sleeps. This will probably be my only break today so I will take advantage of it to update my blog.

Sunday we spent in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast. It wasn’t our original destination, we wanted to go to Vietri-sul-Mare but there traffic and parking situation there was horrible so we kept driving on down the coast. Maiori is lovely and there is a great playground on the seaside. The kids had a blast and exhausted themselves running and playing. We got them gelato before heading home and getting stuck in a nearly two hour traffic jam on the hairpin turns of the Costiera road. We made it back around 830, quickly made the kids dinner and put them to bed.

Raffi is going to bed later and later everynight…I think the days of his nap are limited. He finally fell asleep around 11:15 last night! Now of course he is exhausted and taking a nap at 10:30 am. We have got to work this out. Hopefully he will go to bed at a normal time today and tomorrow I will limit his nap to one hour to see if only one hour will help him get to bed earlier.

Now I’m off to do my shopping!

It’s already the middle of February…

Life always gets in the way of blogging. I seriously always think about blogging but never sit down and actually write the blog. Free time these days is little. My mornings are spent running errands, school drop off, chasing around a 2 year old, cooking, cleaning, laundry and work prep for the evening. Then of course I am at work until 9 every week day evening. I wouldn’t change it though, it is a very fulfilling life.

My sweet little girl turns 4 this week (meaning momma turns 34!). We’re planning a big party for her the week after her birthday with a unicorn theme.

In other news, I got new wheels!