The Bubble

Yesterday the police were stopping almost everyone in cars or walking and demanding where they were going. The police drove by with loud speakers telling everyone to stay inside during the afternoon. The number of cases has come down a bit but there was increase from Monday to Tuesday. The death toll is still very high, yesterday was over 700 deaths. It’s hard to imagine how things are outside of the bubble we are in.

I haven’t left our town in nearly a month. The last place I went, besides the supermarket or the pharmacy was the music school Felicity goes to for a kid’s music class, nearly a month ago. That night the president closed the schools for the first time frame of 10 days. Our town has, for the moment, been luckily. We’ve had one case, an 83 year old woman, who died quickly from the virus. Some towns near have been put on complete lock down, no one can go out even for groceries, everything must delivered. These towns have too many cases or high risk cases, such as two people who work in a busy supermarket tested positive.

Every day, except for the rare short walk to the supermarket, is spent at our home or in our garden. It’s a bubble. It’s beautiful here, we are surrounded by lemon and orange trees, the garden my in-laws care for, a few friendly stray cats who have made their home, and the laughter of the kids who are playing outside in the nearby homes. It doesn’t seem like we are in the middle of a war-like situation. I wonder what life will be like when we can leave this bubble again, if and when.

The kids and I spent yesterday doing school work in the morning, watching the newly released Disney Plus after lunch during quiet time, then playing outside and painting in the afternoon. It’s cold and cloudy here today but I’m going to bundle up the kids and get them outside for a little bit later on.

School Time, in pajamas or dressed
Paintings we made to cheer up the house






Have a safe Wednesday. Prayers for the world.


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