The Weekend

Our weekend passed quickly. The numbers of cases on Saturday for Italy reached over 6,000 but dropped by 1,000 less Sunday. Maybe its hope in the right direction for Italy. The number of new cases in the US surpassed 6,000 yesterday, which is alarming. The US has some lock down orders but nothing like we’ve had here. I hope new measures are taken there, soon, to take control of the situation there.

Late Saturday night (just before midnight), the Italian president set more regulations for us to last until April 3. Now we can not go more than 200 meters from our home for “essentials” and many more companies are shutting down unless they are necessary. We are not sure if this includes Umberto’s job or not. We haven’t received information that the factory has closed down (he is an IT engineer at a company that makes toilet paper/kitchen paper) yet.

Saturday the kids played outside in the garden, like normal most of the days. Sunday, I went to the supermarket early. There’s somethings missing , very little flour, no baking powder or yeast. Mozzarella is in short order.  Wine was low (this made me laugh a little). The kids played outside some more even though it was a cloudy, windy day. The played “muddy puddles” and made a huge mess, I had to strip them down before the came into the building.




Wash your hands. Stay home. Have a good Monday.

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