Getting outside

Yesterday, the kids and I spent a big chunk of the day outside in our garden. We are not allowed to go for a walk on the street, but if we are in the confines of our property, it is allowed to be outside. We live on a large plot of land, my in-laws have a large garden that the grow fresh vegetables year round in. In the garden, the kids have a swing and a toy kitchen.

The kids ran up and down the driveway, played on the swing and helped their nonna pick fresh broccoli in the morning. In the afternoon, we we back outside and they ran more and chatted with our neighbors’ kids from their balcony. It really changed the feeling of the day by just getting outside.

Today the weather is good so we will go outside again. The kids also worked on their “school books” yesterday and we drew the butterflies we saw in the garden.

I am still upset about not being paid until “school starts again”. I decided yesterday to continue to give my students homework though, in the very least it’s something for me to do. The government passed legislation that all contracted employees will receive 80% of their salary for these two months, backed by the government. At least I know that March and April won’t be lost. I will continue to work for my students and remain calm about the lack of February salary.  In this period, we all should all work to help each other out, I can continue my dedication to my students.

Today I’m going to make flatbreads with the kids and possibly head out to the supermarket later on since Umberto is working from home today. I will also be interviewing with KSDK Channel 5 in St.Louis this evening, so I will have another interview aired.


Have a great Wednesday.

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