Cabin Fever is setting in

We’ve now passed a week in quarantine, cabin fever is setting in a bit. Yesterday was a hard day emotionally. I have been waiting for my February salary (in Italy, like most of Europe, we are paid once a month). Usually we are paid the 10th of the month, but nothing has come. We were told it would be late and probably partial (without a good reason, the parents paid for the school for February). I asked yesterday when we could expect it and was told not until the school opened and the parents paid again. It’s completely illegal. When will the school open? They said the the third of April, but who knows if that is true? So besides being locking the house yesterday, I had to deal with this mentally and put me and Umberto in a very frustrated, angry mood.

Today is a new day, we are going to figure out what we can do about this missed paycheck. We are fine, financially but obviously this still makes us angry.

Kids playing on the terrace in their pajamas.


Besides that, the day passed as all days do in quarantine. I left around 7 to go the pharmacy and bread shop to get some fresh air and some thing we needed from the pharmacy. It was good to get out of the house for a minute, even in a mask and not talking to anyone while I was out.

Have a good Tuesday and try to keep busy and remember this too will pass.

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