The Days Pass

The days are passing by, we are starting to get a bit restless but what can we do? Cases seem to continue to skyrocket in Italy, the peak is expected to be in April. We still have a long time to wait.

In the meantime, I have been applying to online teaching jobs to have something to do as well make some money. I have no idea if I will be paid for this month that we aren’t going to school. In theory, yes, we should though I work at a private school but they receive money from the government as well. I also have undetermined contract which means I should be paid no matter what. I am not even sure if if, when, and how much I will be paid for February,  a month I worked entirely. So yes, Americans, you are not the only one struggling economically. Luckily, my husband has a good job we’ll be OK, but that is not for everyone.


Morning view from the balcony
On our small swing set on the balcony
Tutto Andra Bene



Besides that, we are fine. Yesterday we passed a lot of the day playing on the balcony and working on “school work”. I try to distance myself from the news as much as possible during the day. I also try to not allow the children to have too much screen time and encourage them to play with their toys.

Here’s to another day passing in quarantine. Until tomorrow.

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