First Time Out

Yesterday, I went for the first time since the quarantine has begun to the supermarket. Umberto was home to stay with the kids so I wanted to experience for myself, life outside my house.  I walked to the local supermarket to get some fresh air, since we are no longer allowed to take a walk for leisure. I left around 4 pm. When I arrived at the supermarket there was a small line out front, an employee working calling out numbers and a machine to take numbers. I took my number and took my place a meter away from the other people waiting outside.

After 10 minutes my number was called and I went in. The supermarket was stocked pretty well, a little less than normal on a Saturday at 4 but nothing like photos I’ve seen of supermarkets in the US with no toilet paper. The fruits and vegetables were completely stocked as was meat. Cheese was a little scarce as was fresh bread. Everyone was told to keep a meter’s distance from each other. To pay, we had to wait until the person was finished checking out before walking up to the register.

When I left, there was a much longer wait to come in than when I arrived around 5 pm.  I also saw more people than I thought I would see out and about, no children though. There were a few people on their bikes and a few people walking.

Besides the supermarket, we spent a lot of time on the balcony in the morning. The kids brought some of their toys outside and played. In the evening, it was a little rainy but Raffi and I still went outside to play on the small swing set we have on the balcony. Later in the evening we colored a rainbow to hang outside on the balcony that says “Tutto andra bene” (everything will be OK), children around the country are drawing these and hanging them outside their homes.

Cheese out of stock
Playing with Raffi later in the evening on the balcony

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