Day Two of Quarantine

Every evening it seems that there is a new update to the quarantine rules. The number of cases in Italy went up by 2,313 cases yesterday. Obviously, the effects of the quarantine aren’t showing yet, its too early. Last night, the president issued a decree that from this morning stores (exceptions: pharmacies, supermarkets, and tabbacco kiosks), bars (in Italy “bars” are coffee bars, usually these are the center of a town- people come to get a coffee, a croissant at breakfast, to meet up with a friends, pick up a snack for their kids, etc…), restaurants, pizzerias, and hair salons are closed. This is in addition to gyms, spas, sports centers, that have already been closed. Restaurants and pizzerias were originally allowed to be open until 6 pm.

The president said there is still the option for the restaurants to deliver food but our state’s (Campania) governor issued a statement yesterday afternoon that even that would be closed.

It’s still surreal. The WHO declared this outbreak finally a “pandemic” yesterday. Once again, I beg you, those of you in different countries, please take this seriously.  Stop organizing nights out with friends, restaurant dinners, parties, stop taking your kids to indoor playground, urge your local governments to close schools. A small amount of time of staying completely inside versus a pandemic that never ends.

Read the accounts of doctors in Northern Italy, there are no more hospital beds, there isn’t even enough respirators. Not possible in the USA? Think again. It’ll be worse. The US has one big problem in front of them, that us in Italy do not face: INSURANCE. We are guaranteed free health care and though our hospitals may not be shiny and new like they are in the US the WHO has listed Italy as the second best healthcare in the world. In normal times, our hospitals function with the same standards of the US, but its free.

So what have we been doing inside all of this time? Umberto still goes to work, but that will change by Friday or Monday and he will work from home from that point. The kids and I have been baking and cooking a lot, playing on the balcony, playing with new toys Grandma sent us, coloring, doing art projects and reading. The days pass, they are boring but we are healthy and that’s all that matters.



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