Italy is on lock down.

As of yesterday morning, Italy is on lock down. What does that mean for us who live here?

We are not allowed to leave our homes except for work, medical emergencies (you must call your doctor first and in most cases he/she will come to your house) or to go the supermarket or pharmacy. You may only go to the supermarket or pharmacy in your town. All restaurants close at 6, they are only open to help people who are working during the day. In the supermarket or pharmacy, you must keep a meter’s distance from other people.

It’s very surreal. It’s something you’ve always heard about in theory but now it’s actually happened. I believe it’s something that needed to be done. March 8th, Italy has 2,000 new cases in one day. The 9th is when the country was told we would all be put in quarantine.

My family has left the house twice in the past week, we went to my daughter’s music class last Wednesday when schools were still open (all closed that evening by a national decree) and to a doctor’s appointment Monday evening. My husband still goes to work but he’s said there’s police on the highway entrances and exits. He’s also gone out once to the supermarket while we stayed home. Not having the opportunity to be able to go to a friend’s, to get a coffee, to go out to dinner is tough. Even the hair salons are closed, we’re all going to look a little rough for the wear when this quarantine is over!

Mentally, we have to stay positive and calm. There’s nothing we can do about it but get through it.

Please keep us in your thoughts, we are fine. We are healthy. There are a lot of people who are not though. The hospitals in the North are overflowing with patients, hard decisions about who can live and who will be left to die are made. Young people are on respirators too, not just old people. Americans need to take this seriously, it’s going to happen there too. It already has, there is 1,000 cases. Take it seriously now, avoid social interactions NOW so it doesn’t spread like wildfire to a point that the entire country is in quarantine and doctors must make decisions about who can live and who can die.

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