Open, Close.

We have been having a crazy two weeks. Coronavirus has overtaken every aspect of life in Italy, nothing seems to make sense anymore, school closes, school opens. School has closed twice in the middle of the night and then was threatned to open again for the next morning but only decided in the middle of the night. It never opened (yet). Italy really fails on this. Decisions are not taken seriously. Mandates are not taken seriously. People can fall easily to bribes despite the consideration of others.

For the moment, we are home. I’m trying to keep the kids as safe as possible, keeping them inside, near them home if we go out or avoiding areas where there may be a lot of people. Yesterday we worked on possibles, worked on some “school” work (letters and shapes), read books and played as much as possible. My biggest struggle is to keep them away from electronics for these days on end where going out isn’t the best idea. Luckily, they have each other to play with.

Have a good Wednesday!

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