Doing what is right for YOU…

In January, I was offered a job, at first I turned it down. I was happy with my job, my job was relatively stress free and I never dreaded going into work, I was “happy” enough. There was one big red flag with my job, I worked evenings. Essentially going to work when my kids got home from preschool. Sometimes when I got home at 9:30 they would be awake, sometimes not. I really missed them, I missed so much of them growing up.

The other job was offered to me again in late May, by this point, I had grown tired of not seeing my kids, of spending my days alone since everyone else was at work. I spent way too much time online shopping, overthinking silly things and needed to hear from my therapist that I need to do what is right for me and not worry about the rest. I went back and forth for a month deciding what to do.One major worry I had was telling my old boss that I leaving, because she did nothing wrong, in fact she is a great person and runs a great school. She was always fair and accommodating. Leaving the school is difficult because it is a job I enjoy, but my kids are my number one priority. Seeing them grow up, eating dinner with them, playing with them in the evening, putting them to bed…this is my number one priority. Being with this all the time this summer has proved that to me and reassured me in my decision. Sure it stressful and tiring but they are number one in a mot.

So with a heavy, sad, and a little stressed heart today is the day I must inform my old job I am not going back. I am so sorry to leave them and I hope they find someone new who is a better fit. I dedicate my yoga practice this morning to finding inner peace and I will once I finally let go of this burden of having to quit that’s been hanging over my shoulders.

What is something you did that is right for you that you had to put a lot of thought into making that decision?

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