I’ve been meaning to…

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write, forever but time escapes me. After the kids go to bed, I am exhausted, but slowly but surely they are getting on a better schedule. I feel like when we come to America I reset them to the typical American schedule, which I love and once we get back to Italy all hell breaks lose. Hopefully this time the schedule will stick, life changes coming but more on that later.

The kids and I have been taking it all in these weeks in the US. This time they are actually big enough to really enjoy stuff and we have been having so much fun doing things together. I am really on getting the kids to experience things and I love seeing them explore everything new.

The kids have also been trying new foods, which I am so happy for. They are very used to eating Italiam style foods, with pasta and rice only. I really want them to try food from other cultures. So far we’ve only tried typical American dishes (chili and sloppy joes) but they went over well.

Besides the kids, I have taken up a love for hot yoga and have been going almost every day, even at 5:15 in the morning because I love it so much. I hope to keep this early morning yoga tradition when we get back to Italy (but there I will definitely be doing it alone through videos…). Just doing it for one week has made me feel so fit.

My little guy:

Night sky at the town fair:

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