Summer has officially begun for us. I finished my last day of work, my students took their Cambridge exams and the next two weeks are English summer camp, and then finally we’re off to the US!

I really do not like the summer though, it is too hot for me and I hate mosquitoes. I would be much happier in a cold environment year round! Yesterday, the kids moved their play kitchen out on the balcony and entertained themselves for a solid two hours before I brought them in to take a nap (with protesting). Both of them slept for a good 2 hours before we had a snack and headed off to see Toy Story 4 at the theater in town. It was cool enough to walk there. I love the old theater in our town, it has old style seats and smaller screens, but it’s inexpensive and the staff is very friendly. The kids loved the movie.

After the movie we headed to the small playground across the street to play for awhile before heading home. Umberto joined us after work at the playground. While walking home we stopped at the ice cream store to take some ice cream home for dessert. Once we got home the kids went right back to playing with their toy kitchen. They were in bed by 11, which is so late in the US but here its perfectly normal. When you live in a place that doesn’t use much a/c, your days function around when it is coolest. Late evenings are very alive, families are out and about in the evening. Children sleep in later, take late afternoon naps and are more active in the evening. Most kids go to bed around 11.



Kids playing at the playground:


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