Che Caldo

We had a brief cooling off period where temperatures were only reaching the low 30’s (celcius) now we are back into the high 30’s or 40. It’s uncomfortably hot during the afternoon. I got both kids down for a nap in the cool comfort of the bedroom. I don’t care how late they stay up. I’ve assimilated into the Southern European culture of late nights and afternoon napping. It’s necessary when it’s so hot and air conditioning is not something widely used. Even if I go to bed at 12 or 1, I always wake up at 7. If I go to bed at 10, I also wake up at 7, so there is not much difference for me to stay up late or not.  Only more coffee the next day.

This is my last week of my “normal” working hours at work before a two week summer camp that I will be working. I’m not not looking forward to doing it, only a bit concerned about how tired I will be, working all day in the sun with kids is exhausting. Its only two weeks though and then we are off to America, finally!

This past weekend we stayed close to home. We only went out Sunday afternoon to try to go to the pool but both that we went were completely full. In the end we went for a drive through the mountains, which was perfect. I forgot to take any pictures but the air was so cool and refreshing. On the way back, we stopped at a nice bar for a snack and coffee. Sunday evening we had a barbecue on my in-laws terrace above our apartment with friends of Umberto. The evening cools down and its bearable to be outside again.

Until tomorrow, namaste.


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