Weekly Meal Plan 1/14

It’s nap/quiet time and I’m sitting down for the first time except for a rushed lunch earlier. Felicity is still home recovering from the chicken pox and we’ve decided to not take Raffi to daycare anymore since I am home during the day. It’s definitely going to make my day busy since I still need to plan lessons for work but I’m happy to be busy and take care of my little guy.

We are trying to make an effort to get the kids to eat new foods. Felicity was in a rut of eating always the same things (pasta with tomatoes, pasta with oil, ham, yogurt, pizza) and I was struggling to get her to eat anything else. We had a bit of a realization when we went out for Chinese last night and she didn’t want to eat anything. We made her try everything and in the end she discovered that she liked chicken dumplings, spring rolls, and fried rice. We praised her a lot for trying new foods and that helped. We decided we need to spice up what we cook for the kids and I’m going to put more effort into it than just making what I know they like. So starting this week, meal planning! We also made a decision to make a sort of “theme” each month of a different country and try foods from that country and try to visit a restaurant of that country, This month is Chinese since we started with it last night. Next month we’re going to try Spanish.

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