Meal boxes come to Italy!

I’ve been jealous of the Blue Apron type meal boxes that are popular in the US. I’ve tried a few of them when I’ve been at my mom’s in the States and wish we had something like that here. Last year I found out about Quomi, a similar type company in Italy but for some reason or another I never ordered it. On Black Friday that had a great deal for the first week of meals and I finally bought one. I’m hooked! They recipes have Italian flair but they’re interesting and the ingredients are top notch (like what you would find at Eately). The first week we had an “orzotto” with beans and cheese (think risotto with orzo), roasted endives in a creamy parmesan sauce with caramelized apples (this was my favorite) and roasted cabbage with lentils and crunchy pancetta (the pancetta was amazing, just like good quality bacon).

Next week I’ve ordered carrot and pumpkin spaghetti with zucchini meatballs, steak with mashed potatoes, and a buckwheat and cabbage pasta dish from Northern Italy. The other four nights of the week we’ve been doing simple meals (pasta with pesto, meatballs and sauce, roasted chicken, etc).

Besides food, I’ve been running and going to pilates class, which I love. I tried out a mixed fitness class but wasn’t getting much out of it. I think mainly because all the women were at a different level of fitness and we got caught up (and lost time) trying to get everyone on level. The pilates class is small and its just what I need after a run.

It’s still fairly warm and sunny here. I’m starting to believe I should just accept that winter’s not going to happen and take it as it and enjoy it? It’s hard for a Midwesterner to not have a cold, snowy Christmas.

Have a good weekend!


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