Two Lives

I feel like I’ve been living two lives lately, having an evening job is so different than a morning/day time job. I leave for work in the middle of the afternoon and come home around 9:15 in the evening. I hope my kids are still awake so I can steal some cuddles from them before bed, but this can end in disaster if they are tired. Sometimes they are awake still and in good spirits, which is how they were last night. It was so nice. I love when I get home and Felicity says “Momma, I did you miss me? I missed you, I couldn’t see you.” She’s growing up so much! It really is such a cute age.

I’m up earlier than the kids today because I go into work at 10 today (back at 1, but then do lessons at home until 4). Once I finish lessons, the kids and I are going to a birthday party for a classmate of Felicity. Right now, I’m watching Netflix before I need to get up and get ready for the day.

Raffi and I heading home from daycare a couple days ago:


Raffi at “sports class” at his daycare:


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