Life lately

Sorry for the unexpected absence from the blog. No excuses, I am not really sure what happened. I found myself with a month of no work and it seemed very long but in the end, I researched how to improve myself as a teacher and spent a lot of timing cooking and experimenting with new recipes (baking bread!)

The kids started school and Felicity started dance class at her new dance school. She’s in a period of being afraid of everything new and constantly wanting me to be with her. I am chalking it up to the new changes she’s experiencing this month (new school, new dance school) but it is a little wearing on me. I’m afraid for our newest change, that my new job has me working into the evening and I am not home for their dinner, bath and bed time. It’s a solid routine we have down and now Umberto is going to have to navigate it alone. I hope his mom comes over to help him out the first few evenings.

Yesterday we went into Naples for pizza and to walk around the city. It’s been years since I’ve been in downtown Naples besides for something to do with work or the US consulate. It was a really nice afternoon. We ate way too much pizza and ice cream but walked over two hours through the city. The kids were exhausted when we got in the car to go home, both passed out for the ride home.

Today we’re back into the work/school schedule. Happy Monday!

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