Emotional week

This week, though I unofficially checked out at my job at the Anglo-Italian school, this week I finally officially left it. Closing that chapter of my life, for good. I had so many mixed feelings about it. I will miss the other teachers that I met there and became friends with over the course of the year. I will not miss the drive, the exhaustion I felt every day after getting home, not seeing my little boy very much and most of all I will not miss the stress the job brought. I am thankful Felicity got to go with me there for a year, it was very special having her in the same school as me.

I accepted a job with an English as a second language school in a much closer town (10 min drive to work!) with evening hours (I should be home in time for bed time) and I’ll get to see my kids more during the day. I won’t be exhausted. I will have time for myself, my children and still work, which I want to do.

We need to figure out the logistics of everything still, Umberto hopefully (fingers crossed) has a new job as well. His hours will be longer and we’ll need some back up child care for those evening hours, but we’ll figure it out when we know for sure.

It’s been emotional, but I am happy it’s closed and I am moving on to hopefully something better.

This afternoon, the kids and I went to the “Parco Urbano” in a nearby town (where I’ll be working!). It’s a beautiful little park with a little area with slides and swings but also a little river, a pond with a fountain and plenty of areas for the kids to explore. We had such a nice time. Of course when we got home they were dirty and needed baths immediately but I was so happy to find a little park that the kids could explore nature, look at the water, feel dirt in their hands. The weather is perfect now too, not too hot, but still hot enough to wear shorts and sunny.  I packed them a snack and we stayed for a few hours. Hopefully, we’ll make it out again tomorrow afternoon.

When we got home, I made a quick dinner of “pasta e zucca (pumpkin)”. I cooked the pumpkin (pick your pumpkin well and if you can choose one freshly cut, choose the one that is the most orange) in the Thermomix with some sauteed garlic. The only seasoning I added was salt and parsley. When the pumpkin was cooked, I blended it until it was completely pureed (my kids will eat vegetables with their pasta much easier if it pureed). I added it to freshly cooked hot pasta and topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan and black pepper. It was delicious and great start to the Fall.

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