Since moving into our new place, I have been cooking so much. I LOVE having a kitchen that is not a tiny little closet. Each kitchen I’ve ever had since living in Europe has been so small with no storage space. The lack of kitchen space always made me unmotivated to cook in some way, especially the tiny kitchen we had in our “transition” apartment the past year.

Since moving in I’ve made flat breads, bagels (Skinny Taste’s recipe), pastas, pizzas, cookies, muffins, tacos, and a frittata al forno. Today I’m making pasta e piselli (pasta with peas) for lunch and involtini di bresaola (a type of dried beef roll) for dinner.

In other news, we’ve been spending the mornings out (the pool or park) and most of the afternoon at home because of thunderstorms that we’ve been having every afternoon for the past week.

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