New House

Since we got back we have been busy moving into our new house. This house has been ours for years but we finally finished it and moved in. We had the intention of moving in it since we left Switzerland but various reasons it took us a year so to finish it. While we were gone, everything was set up and ready for us to move in.

When we got back, we stayed one night in the old place and the next day we were moved in. It’s been so great to have SPACE. This is the biggest apartment we’ve ever lived in. Living in Europe usually means dealing with a small living space but this apartment is a normal Americn sized home. Our kids love it. They have place to play, there own boardrooms, a huge balcony with their pool, swing, slide and area to ride their cars around.

I finally have a kitchen I that I love. I have room to cook, room to store food (we have a pantry!), TWO bathrooms, a spare bedroom. So needless to say, we’ve been spending most of our times at home lately.

Now if only my kids would sleep past 6:30…what’s going on?

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