Back in Italy

We made it back, for better or for worse. The flight was actaully fine, the kids slept a good portion of it and I watched movies (I should have slept I know, but I rarely get time to watch a movie!). By the time we landed, I probably slept a total of 45 minutes and the kids were wide awake.  An hour later or so, I realized I was missing my wallet, I had left on the plane. We did get it back but when I checked inside it, it was missing all my cash and drivers license.

This obviously put a really sour note on the end of our trip. We still had over 8 hours to wait for our very short flight to Naples. I was obviously upset and exhausted, so Umberto drove to Rome to pick us up. I had to retrieve our luggage from another terminal which was a bit of a hassle but it was so nice to leave early and we were home well before our flight would have departed!

We spent the first evening at home, unpacking a little and letting the kids run around and play. The first two nights they woke up during the night but by Friday evening they slept all night again. The next day was the first day of officially moving in our place.

We spent the entire day cleaning, unpacking, and organizing our new house. Friday was spent at IKEA buying things we need for the house. I LOVE big IKEA trips. This is the first time we’ve owned our house and the first time we’v actually had a home with space. It’s not big by American standards but European standards it is and we are so thankful to have a place for a kids to play and finally a place to call “home”.

Pictures will come soon!


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