Cake and pool party

We had a going away/87th birthday party for my Grandma today. A good childhood friend came with her nephew so Felicity would have someone else to play with in the pool. It was nice to chat with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Felicity had a Frozen cake, just because. She loved it and was so excited for the cake with Anna and Elsa on top.

After cake and the pool the kids played inside all afternoon and were worn out by the end of the afternoon. It was so nice to just stay in one spot and relax while the kids play with other kids. My niece stayed fairly late into the evening and we watched old episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress” together.

Last night I got out of my routine comfort zone and wine for dinner and ice cream with high school friends. I was nervous about leaving Raffi because he doesn’t go to bed easily for others. I made it home around 11 and was happy to see both were sound asleep.

Tomorrow is our last day! We’re off to brunch, the Magic House and dinner with my godparents before heading out fairly early Tuesday morning.

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