Back in Illinois

I am honestly happy to be in Illinois for the last week of our trip in the States. The road trip to the beach was a little rough. Raffi does not do well with change and I could clearly see that with all the changes we had that week. When there’s a change of environment, he gets more attached to me than normal (if its possible!) and whines/cries a lot more. It was a lot for  me to take and I felt horrible for not giving Felicity enough attention. Luckily my mom was there to help, but I still missed my little girl.

This morning we ran some errands and then went to park before it got too hot. After 30 minutes or so we couldn’t take the heat anymore and went “home”. I made us lunch (macaroni and cheese for the littles, salad for me) before putting Raffi down for his nap. Once he was sleeping and Felicity was busy playing with her doll house, I made prepped dinner. After Raffi woke up we went to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. I need to remember to bring in the stroller next time to strap Raffi in while I’m trying to pack up everything. Chasing him around the pool area is exhausting and dangerous.

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