The last day

Today was officially the last day of our road trip. We got off to a bad start when my mom woke up feeling awful enough to want to go the urgicare.

We found one close by and arrived when they open and my mom got seen fairly quickly. She has strep throat and bronchitis. She had a breathing treatment because of her asthma. We had booked a hotel in Chattanooga and she was insistent that we go.

I drove the nearly 6 hours to Chattanooga from my brother’s place. The kids had reached their limit when we arrived so I am happy we booked the hotel. I quickly took them to the amazing Tennessee Aquarium for the rest of the afternoon. Seriously it is well worth the money! It is so well done and my kids loved it. We had such a great time there.

After the aquarium we went walked over to Puckett’s BBQ and it was so good! I had the brisket sandwich which ended up being a lot of burnt ends, which I love so no complaints. We also split an appetiser of fried green tomatoes, that Raffi ended up loving.

After dinner we ended our trip with some ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.

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