Let’s be honest

Travelling with two kids for a month without your partner is hard. I have had great help from my family but Raffi is at such a difficult age or stage. He is already extremely attached to me, but he doesn’t do well with a change of environment so the constant change of environment the past week has been difficult on him.

When we go somewhere new, he needs me more than normal. He cries if he can’t see me or I walk a few feet away from him. He also hasn’t been sleeping well with little naps due to the activities of the day. All of this create such a cranky, fussy toddler that has constant meltdowns. I am sure all the whining and crying has annoyed my family as well.

Most of all, I feel bad that I haven’t had much time with Felicity. I miss my little girl so much. Raffi can be so demanding, I rarely get a moment to be with her. I’m thankful she has my mom right now.

Today was our last day in Savannah and everyone was exhausted. We hung around downtown for a few hours before spending the rest of the afternoon and evening at my brother’s house. My brothers grilled but I picked up some veggie sushi at Publix that looked tempting, but it wasn’t that great and ended up pitching half of it. I finished the night off with a small slice of Key Lime Pie, which is the only way to end a trip to the South.

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