Gender roles

Living in Southern Italy I am faced with stereotypical 1950s gender roles a lot. Other things there seem to be the 50s so also why not gender roles? Many women stay at home, clean, cook and raise kids. Maybe things are changing now with the younger generation, but it will be a long time until things are up to date.

Raffaello’s daycare had a beauty competition. The girls (Ages 3-6) were prancing around in bathing suits while the boys voted on them. One girl won and was awarded a sash. I was so disturbed by this, what is this teaching girls? I really don’t my children to grow up in this environment, especially not Felicity.

Ok rant over, we’re down to two weeks left in the US. In some ways I am ready to go “home” and in some ways I am dreading the 1950s life back there.

Always look to the positives I guess.

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