Tomato Season

My in-laws have an overwhelming amount of tomatoes in their fields right now, so we are knee deep in tomatoes at home. We also have an unlimited supply of zucchini and eggplants from the garden right now. I’m always interested in new things to make with our ingredients from the garden. I also want to use up what we already have, to avoid food waste.

For dinner on Wednesday night, I defrosted some turkey sausages and roasted them with eggplants, tomatoes and fresh corn (leftover from Tuesday’s dinner). I also made a type of tomato tart using pre-made puff pastry, dijon mustard, bufala mozzarella that I needed to use and tomatoes. The tart turned out good, but I don’t think the dijon is necessary, especially with the mozzarella.

Yes, that’s goldfish on his dinner plate. #toddlerlife

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