Calabria, two

Our second day in Calabria didn’t start as early as the first, the kids slept in until nearly 9. After breakfast, we packed up and headed to the beach. The waves were a lot tougher and the kids didn’t want to go anywhere near the water. We stayed out until around 1 then when back to the apartment for lunch and naps.

When the kids woke up nobody was really feeling like going back to the beach with the rough water so we hung out at the apartment and then went for cocktails at the restaurant.

After cocktails, we tried a restaurant recommended by some locals in a nearby town. Sadly to say though it wasn’t very good. The only thing without fish was pasta with tomatoes. Umberto’s seafood wasn’t fresh and my mom wasn’t very pleased with her dish (shrimp with gnocchi). The kids loved their pasta though.

The next morning both kids were up early so we took advantage of it and packed up and left early. We were home in time for lunch and a busy afternoon of baptism prep.

Just because I love this Instagram pic of Raffi when we on our way back

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