Calabria, part one

The day after my mom arrived we packed up to go to an apartment we rented in small town in the neighboring province of Calabria. After driving 3.5 hours we arrived in the sleepy beach town of  Lido La Torre. The apartment we rented was 200 meters of the beach and had beautiful views of the water.

Lido La Torre is built on a little cove and had two small, sandy beaches. There was a nice restaurant in walking distance of our apartment as well. When we arrived in the early evening, we unpacked a bit and then Umberto and I went off in search of a supermarket. When we got back it was already late, so we had an easy dinner at the apartment (hot dogs and chips for the kids, tomato salads and mozzerella for us) and played with the kids on the beautiful patio before heading to bed.

Both kids woke up early despite late bedtimes. We hung out around the apartment, playing on the patio that the kids loved until we went down to the beach around 10. The kids loved the beach! The water was clear and calm. Around 12 I noticed Raffi was getting tired and took him back to the apartment for lunch and a nap. Felicity also took a long nap!

After naps, we went back to the beach until 7:30 and then went back and got ready for dinner. The first night we ate at the restaurant near to our apartment called, La Torre. It was good but half of the menu items weren’t on the menu. The first thing I ordered was a pasta with pumpkin blossom flowers, which they didn’t have. The waiter suggested pasta with zucchini, which was very good. I also had a spicy Calabrese salad which was tomatoes with fresh local peppers. My mom had linguine with clams and Umberto had a calzone. The kids had pizza. We all liked everything we ordered.

Once we got back to the apartment we played outside on the patio a bit until the kids were exhausted and we went to bed ourselves.

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