My mom is here visiting so we’ve been busy non stop since last Tuesday. When she arrived I met her in Rome where she landed. We spent the day in Rome, without kids and met a friend of mine there.

It was blazing hot in Rome but we tried to make the most of it by taking lots of drink breaks. A good portion of the morning was spent trying to track my mom’s luggage, it got lost when she had a very connection due to a delayed flight in Chicago. Eventually we got that under way and went out to see the city.

We walked to Trevi Fountain first, took pictures and threw the obligatory coins in the fountain. After Trevi, we were already feeling the heat so we stopped in a cute wine bar on a side street for our first Spritz of the day.

After hydrating, we continued on our walk to the Colosseum. I’ve seen it a few times but each time it is amazing how big  it is. It’s breath taking.  It’s my favorite sight in Rome and maybe all of Italy. It’s such an amazing structure. After the Colosseum we found a cute Spanish tapas bar for a quick bite and more drinks, Sangria. We ordered two small sandwiches (brie and rucola and mozzarella and tomato), fries (thick cut spicy potatoes) and fried cheese balls. We relaxed in the a/c at the tapas bar and had another round of Sangria before heading back out into the blazing heat.

We walked a bit more, to a few piazzas, did a little shopping and then found a cozy bar for the last drink because the heat was getting to us. After relaxing with some water and coffee, we took the train back to the train station. We shopped around the train station for awhile before hopping on our train to Naples. We were back by 9:30 where a very happy Felicity waited for her grandma.

Today is Raffaello’s baptism!

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