Climbing Vesuvius

Today a friend wanted to cross off one thing of her Naples bucket list before moving back to Germany, so we went on the adventure of climbing Mt.Vesuvius with three little kids in tow (her two and Felicity). We left in the late morning, stopped for lunch on the mountain and continued on up.

Eventually, we made it the beginning of the path to the top of Vesuvius. It’s a very dusty, rocky, uneven path. It took us an hour or so to climb the path with the kids. It wasn’t the easiest, but the kids did really well considering it was hot in the sun. We bribed them with lollipops, ice cream and talks of a dragon cave at the top.

Coming down was a bit easier and the kids perked up once they got some cold drinks at the bottom and were in good spirits until we got back to the car. It was such a fun day and I am happy to have spent some time with a friend before she moves back to Germany.

Before heading out this morning the kids had fresh “graffe” (donuts) and played outside on the terrace. Raffi’s new trick is to “smile” when we say “cheese”.

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