Beginning of the Weekend

Does it really count as a weekend when you’re not working? We had a nap free day for both kids, but it was good day. The kitchen for our new house finally arrived (we ordered it way back in February) Saturday morning. The kids and I watched the guys set it up for awhile before getting ready and heading out for the morning.

We left later than normal and today was hotter than it’s been so our time at the playground was cut short. We stopped on the way home for some things at the grocery store. Anywhere we go with the double stroller creates such a frenzy. Everyone’s so interested in it.

After we got home, Felicity went to her grandma’s and Raffaello stayed with me while we made pizza for lunch. I tried to get him to nap multiple times but eventually it got too late so I gave up and packed up our bag for the pool. We picked up Felicity and spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. After the pool, we read books and played at home.

The pizza I made for lunch was so good and simple to make. I used a premade pizza dough that I picked up the bread store (I know this would be impossible to find in the US). It’s made at the store and sold by the weight. It’s perfect for thick but light pizza. After beating down the dough, I put some olive oil on the dough, covered it in grated cheese (I used what we had in the fridge- Aurchietto, grated in the Thermomix) and topped it with fresh tomatoes and fresh rucola.

Dinner was rigatoni pasta with friggitelli  peppers and tomatoes made by Umberto and grilled zucchini and eggplant that I tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried mint.

Have a great Sunday!

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